Elena Konstantinou

Executive Producer, Director, and Company Founder

Elena Konstantinou Elena Konstantinou is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, lawyer, and technical diver. Her combined passion for scuba diving and storytelling has resulted in a number of beautifully shot and thought-provoking films about divers and the mysteries of the underwater world. Her latest release, Dive To The USS Atlanta, is about a team of scuba divers who travels to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to dive the wreck of the USS Atlanta (CL-51), a light cruiser that was damaged and sunk during WWII's Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942.

Past films include Testing New Waters, a 30-minute documentary film, which follows a group of new divers as they learn how to scuba dive using the GUE training technique. The Idiosyncrasies of Russian Diving, The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole of Dahab, which took the Gran Prix at the 11th Belgrade International Underwater Film Festival, Beyond Blue: Mankind's Deepest Dive, when she was invited by Nuno Gomes and his team to be the exclusive filmmaker to document his world record scuba dive attempt in Egypt's Red Sea. Her first film, My Abyss, was the winner of the Golden Dolphin Award for "Best Film" at the 2006 Golden Dolphin Underwater Film Festival in Moscow.

Elena's interest in ancient history and civilizations has also led her to produce a documentary film about the Great Pyramid of Egypt called The Empty Tomb, featuring Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University and Egyptologists John Anthony West and Robert Bauval. She is currently producing a documentary film about runes, symbols, and Norse mythology, which will be released in 2012.

Her films have been broadcast on Russian Television International (RTVi) Channel 1 Russia, and have been screened at many film festivals, such as The Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, the Belgrade International Underwater Film Festival, The Golden Dolphin Film Festival, The Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival and The International Underwater and Adventure Film Festival in Antibes.


Shareen Anderson

Director, Producer, and Camera Operator

Shareen Anderson Shareen is a freelance filmmaker based in New York City with a passion for documentaries. She has produced films and television programs for channels such as PBS, The Food Network, Al Jazeera English, and A&E. Her past credits include Prison Town, USA, Saving Soweto, Uncle Sam Wants You!, These Streets Belong To Us, Charents, and Forgotten Freedom Fighters.

Since 2003, Shareen has produced a number of films for HWLL Overseas Media Group, including The Sacred Truth, Beyond Blue: Mankind¹s Deepest Dive, and The Empty Tomb. She recently directed and co-produced Dive To The USS Atlanta, which is presently screening at film festivals around the world, and is also directing and co-producing a documentary film about the runic alphabet, currently in production and due to be released in the autumn of 2012.


Kevin Davidson

Underwater Photographer and Videographer

Kevin Davidson Kevin's career in diving and photography started in 1988 when hired as a cook for the Aggressor Fleet. Armed with nothing more than an open water diver certification and a desire to go diving, he went on to become an instructor and captain. But his love for taking pictures and videos of the oceans reefs would become his true passion.

Fifteen years of his diving career was spent in Palau, where he operated a photo/video shop and became a specialist in this beautiful island chain. He learned where to find great images in this diverse tropical location. After leaving Palau, he became involved in the yachting industry, employed as a bosun on a private yacht, but also as the ship's photographer, capturing video and photos of beautiful locations around the world.

His photos have been viewed in publications and books over the years, and his video footage has been used in a number of projects.


Leigh Cunningham

Underwater Photographer, Videographer, and Technical Dive Instructor

Leigh CunninghamLeigh Cunningham is a tekkie fanatic to the point of fundamentalism. He likes to break depth records, race motorbikes through the Sinai Mountains, and generally lives life on the edge.

With six dives below 200 metres, twenty dives between 150-200 metres, and more than 500 dives below 100 metres to his credit, Leigh is no stranger to deep diving. To date, in his twenty year diving career, Leigh has held three Red Sea depth records with dives to 220m and 240m in 2002, and 205m in 2006.

He also has a passion for exploration. In 2007, Leigh explored and surveyed two deep caves in the Ras Mohamed National Park in Sharm El Sheikh, with continued exploration in 2008, and in 2009, he led expeditions diving the HMS Manchester in Tunisia, the HMS Victoria in Lebanon, and the HMS Hermes in Sri Lanka.

Born in Britain in 1968, Leigh began his diving career in Israel in 1992. He moved to Dahab, Egypt a few years later where he worked as a recreational dive instructor. His proximity to the 'Blue Hole' in Dahab, sparked his interest in diving deeper. He was aware of the Blue Hole's reputation for claiming divers' lives, and as such, embarked on training and education to give the site the respect it deserves. Leigh is now a CMAS 3 star instructor, NACD and NSS/CDS Technical Cave Diver, GUE Tec1 diver, SDI Course Director, TDI Adv. Trimix Instructor trainer, PSA Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer, IANTD Adv Trimix Instructor, DSAT Tec. Trimix Instructor.


David Hands

Director, Editor, and Director Of Photography

David HandsDavid, based in Cyprus, started his film career in 1989 as a Director of Photography. From 1993 until 2003, he began working as a news cameraman, covering major news stores and conflicts in the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East. In 2003, together with two colleagues, he formed Crewhouse Media, an international production company, directing and producing documentaries and PSAs.

He is also currently completing his Masters Degree in Film and Television Production at Cambridge School of Art, UK.

Since 2003, David has worked on a number of films for HWLL Overseas Media Group as a Director of Photography, including The Sacred Truth, The Empty Tomb, Testing New Waters, and the currently-in-production documentary Runes: Letters Of A Divine Script.


Philip Yakymov

Producer, Underwater and Topside Cameraman, Sound Recordist, and Graphic Designer

Philip YakymovPhilip is a visual artist with a passion for diving and exploration, especially caves and shipwrecks. He started diving in 1998, and is a qualified technical diver.

His past experience in the arts and media includes sound director at Pokrovka Theatre in Moscow and Editor-in-Chief at Octopus Magazine in Russia.

Philip has worked on the number of projects for HWLL Overseas Media Group, such as What GUE Has Always Been About, Testing New Waters, Dive to the USS Atlanta, and Runes: Letters Of A Divine Script as a producer, sound recordist, and cameraman.


Dennis Golosiy

Underwater and Topside Photographer and Journalist

Dennis GolosiyDennis Golosiy, also know to many as "Golden" is based in Moscow, Russia.

He has worked with a number of travel-related magazines and periodicals, including Octopus, Leisure Tourism writing articles and taking photographs of the the world¹s most popular diving destinations. He also reviews diving and underwater photography gear for major publications. He is a GUE tech and cave diver.

Dennis photographed the movie stills for The Empty Tomb, Idiosyncrasies of Russian Divers, The Big Splash, Testing New Waters, The Sacred Truth, and What GUE Has Always Been About.

His lifelong goal is to cover all the diving destinations in the world.


Andreas Wallach

Producer, Writer, and Camera Operator

Andreas WallachAndreas is an independent filmmaker based in Astoria, Oregon, focused on documentaries. He entered the film and television industry in 1985. Since 2003, he has worked on numerous assignments for HWLL Overseas Media Group.

Andreas is currently producing his own documentary - a project about people from small and large businesses, philanthropy, and the arts, jointly addressing a societal challenge.


Alexander Shabataev

Director, Scriptwriter, and Director Of Photography

Alexander ShabataevAlexander graduated from the Gerasimov Russian State Institute of Cinematographers in Moscow (VGIK). For over thirty years, he has been involved in a variety of feature films, documentaries, television series and news features, as well as commercials.

He has shot and produced a number of projects for HWLL Overseas Media Group, including The Sacred Truth, What GUE Has Always Been About, and Idiosyncrasies of Russian Diving. He is currently based in Israel.


Julia Golosiy

Field Producer, Coordinating Producer, and Photographer

Julia GolosiyJulia is a photographer, film producer, and a passionate scuba diver. She began her career in 2003 as executive editor and staff photographer of Octopus, the first Russian diving lifestyle magazine. In 2009, she worked as Editor-in-Chief of InVertum magazine.

Since 2010, Julia has worked on number of projects for HWLL Overseas Media Group as a field producer, photographer, translator and coordinating producer, including Testing New Waters, Dive To The USS Atlanta: Defender of Guadalcanal, and Runes: Letters Of A Divine Script.


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