The YamashiroIn this fascinating investigative report, journalist Boris Koltsov examines the mysterious sinking of the IJN Yamashiro, the flagship battleship of the Japanese Imperial navy. Its demise took place on the night of October 25th, 1944, during the last battleship-to-battleship clash of WWII, and overall the largest naval confrontation in military history - the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. This 21-meter battleship was struck by US Naval forces and sunk in the waters of Surigao Strait with all but 10 men aboard.

Fifty-seven years later, John Bennett, world record-holder for the deepest dive to 308 meters, sets out with his team to locate the wreck of the Yamashiro in order to dive it. Armed with only a banka boat and a GPS, John Bennett and his team believe they found the wreck and plan a future dive on it. Sadly, John Bennett's dream does not get fulfilled. In 2003 he loses his life during another wreck dive in Korea.

Three years later, inspired by John Bennett's dream, French diver Cedric Verdier and American diver Bruce Konefe, believe they have located the Yamashiro wreck site and claim to dive it.

Boris Koltsov travels to Southeast Asia to interview the two divers and to determine if John Bennett's dream of finding and diving the Yamashiro has truly been fulfilled.

Running Time: 11:00 minutes


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