The Big SplashJournalist Boris Koltsov travels to Italy, where in September 2006, over 100 world-class scuba divers make an unprecedented mass dive into the chilly waters of Lake Maggiore. Participants in this grand scale event include Nuno Gomes of South Africa, world record-holder for the deepest sea dive and cave dive, and Claudia Serpieri of Italy, the scuba diving record-holder among women.

The purpose of this great event will benefit both scientific and medical communities – to better understand the short and long-term effects scuba diving has on the human body.

Friendships are forged among people who are more often known for their competitive nature than their collective motivation to advance scuba science. Today, past hostilities and the race to be the deepest give way to the spirit of diving and diving safety. The Big Splash For Mankind in Lake Maggiore will reverberate in history books as an important episode in diving science and technology.

Running Time: 14:15 min


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