The Empty Tomb: Mysteries Of The Giza PlateauThe Great Pyramid of Egypt - one of the most mysterious structures on the planet. Exactly who built it, and why, has lead to centuries of speculation by scientists and occultists alike. The Empty Tomb will take you on a journey of discovery, led by renowned scientists Robert M. Schoch, John Anthony West and Robert Bauval. Having studied the chambers and the passages of the Great Pyramid for decades, these explorers present various theories about its origins and original purpose.

Just below the Great Pyramid, also shrouded in mystery, stands the Sphinx, believed by many to be the oldest monument on the Giza Plateau, possibly predating the Great Pyramid itself. Is there a connection between the two? And what secrets dwell within the unexplored cavities of these ancient structures?

Filmed on location and using state of the art computer graphics, The Empty Tomb intelligently investigates a wide range of theories, questions accepted doctrines, and probes unorthodox points of view.

Running Time: 45:30 mins


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