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Trial By Fury: The People v. Scott Peterson

film image-trial-by-fury1A heinous crime unleashes a media firestorm trial that lands Scott Peterson on death row for the murder of his wife and unborn child.  Ten years later it is clear that not everything in this case is what it seems, raising the question: was justice truly served? Using evidence and new information that was never presented to Peterson’s jury at the time, Trial By Fury re-examines the facts of the case and the effect the intense media attention had on justice.

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Return To The USS Atlanta: Defender Of Guadalcanal

Return To The USS Atlanta: Defender Of GuadalcanalA team of scuba divers travels to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to dive the wreck of the USS Atlanta (CL-51), a light cruiser that was damaged and sunk during WWII's Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942.

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Testing New Waters

Testing New WatersThis film follows the first ten days in the life of scuba diving students as they learn new skills, struggle with challenges, and overcome their personal more

Record in Spy Scuba

Record in Spy ScubaScuba diving is like mountain climbing - the journey is not over when you reach the top: the tricky part is to come back safely.

On the picturesque shores of Lake Maggiore, on the border of Italy and Switzerland, three brave scuba divers are attempting to set a world more

The Empty Tomb: Mysteries Of The Giza Plateau

The Empty Tomb: Mysteries Of The Giza PlateauThe Great Pyramid of Egypt - one of the most mysterious structures on the planet. Exactly who built it, and why, has lead to centuries of speculation by scientists and occultists alike. The Empty Tomb will take you on a journey of discovery, led by renowned scientists Robert M. Schoch, John Anthony West and Robert more

What GUE Has Always Been About

What GUE Has Always Been AboutGlobal Underwater Explorers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the aquatic realm. GUE projects are supported by an international contingent of members; these include scientists and explorers engaged in cutting edge exploration and groundbreaking more

Idiosyncrasies Of Russian Diving

Idiosyncrasies Of Russian DivingIn 2007, twelve Russian scuba divers died in the Red Sea, attracting world-wide media attention to the issue.

What is causing these frequent deadly accidents?read more

The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole Of Dahab

The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole Of DahabEgypt's Blue Hole of Dahab is one of the world's most beautiful, but dangerous, dive sites. Thousands dive its magnificent underwater archway. Many divers do not return.

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The Big Splash

The Big SplashJournalist Boris Koltsov travels to Italy, where in September 2006, over 100 world-class scuba divers make an unprecedented mass dive into the chilly waters of Lake more

The Yamashiro

The YamashiroIn this fascinating investigative report, journalist Boris Koltsov examines the mysterious sinking of the IJN Yamashiro, the flagship battleship of the Japanese Imperial more

Beyond Blue: Mankind's Deepest Dive

Beyond Blue: Mankind's Deepest DiveMore men have been to the moon than have dived below 300 meters. There can be neither a rescue, nor a body recovery if something goes wrong for Nuno Gomes at the ultimate depth. He hopes not only to break the scuba diving depth world record, but also to survive more


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