Runes: The Divine ScriptRunes. The letters making up the ancient alphabet of Northern Europe. To this day, there are aspects of runes, which still remain a mystery for scholars of Germanic linguistics and runology.

Where did the runes come from? Some scholars believe they stem from the Greek or the Roman alphabet, while some others believe they are directly derived from a Semitic language, such as Phoenician, or Hebrew. Norse mythology suggests that the god Odin hung himself for nine days, and was given the runes at the end of his self-sacrifice.

What was their original purpose? Were they simply the beginnings of written communication for the Nordic people, or were they created for the purposes of magic and divination, encoded with ancient Shamanic wisdom? And what does Norse mythology and Scandinavian archeology tell us about the runes?

Through interviews with runologists and archeologists, this documentary aims to unravel some of the mysteries about runes that, to this day, still baffle historians.



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